Top 5 Ways to Deal with Attention Addicted Child

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More often than not, attention seeking behavior in kids is not a thing to be concerned about. It is generally found in children, nevertheless a lot of parents concern about which parenting approach they should utilize. No doubt, there are plenty of parenting strategies you can use in the case of attention addicted child.

A lot of parents will mention that they have no preset parenting strategy and what comes naturally to them at the moment they use it. While there are other parents who would like to have a pre-determined strategy. Whatever school of thought you follow, the issues you confront are the same. Attention addiction in kids is a very common problem. Below are some ways you can cope with it:

1. Don’t Give a Reaction Every Time

Kids attempt to have your attention. It does not matter, whether the attention is seeking is positive or negative, if they get the attention they will repeat the action. If you always give a reaction to their action, be it positive or negative, then they will do it again. So, it is important not to give them any unnecessary attention which they are seeking. Try to ignore things at certain times.

2. Cheer Decent Behavior

Your kid wishes for your attention. Ensure you provide them positive attention for good behavior. A positive parenting approach instills further decent behavior since the kid would observe that it yields more results in comparison with their negative behavior.

3. Spend Good Time With Your Kid

Make certain that you have some devoted time with your kid each day, and that they understand this is your exclusive time with them. Even in case, it is just 15 minutes, tell them that it is their exclusive time with you & carry out something valuable. It is of no value that you are talking to them while making the lunch as the kid will not view that as attention. Any parenting approach must develop in devoted time with your kid each day.

4. Make Them Know How Much You Can Tolerate

Counting on the age of your kid, make them clear that you have other things to do or other kids to manage. No parenting approach would take out the requirement to complete your daily work. At times a response that “I will help you with this once I am done with the dishwashing” would cease whining, nevertheless make only promises that you can fulfill, do not say it if you can’t do it as it would only give fuel to attention addicted child.

5. How to Handle Too Much

At times the attention seeking behavior can lead to bigger problems. In case you have grave concerns about your kid’s behavior, visit a doctor or psychologist, who would be able to guide you and make you in contact with other agencies which could assist.

In case you feel you are feeling stressed in dealing with your attention addicted child, then it is also crucial to get some assistance, and a lot of doctors are very understanding to such issues. Sorry to say, no parenting strategy would bring about a life that is stress-free. There are things that happen in every parenting which can cause stress.

It is safe to say that all parents wish to wrap their children in their love and care. Particularly when children are still young, parents feel that it’s their duty to offer all the attention and the affection that their small ones desire. Nevertheless that again, too much great stuff is actually bad stuff – the level of attention which you provide your kids at 3 must not be as strong as the attention which you provide them when they are 10.

To put it simply, it is similar to this; feeding your 1-year-old is fine, advised as a matter of fact by experts all over the world. Nevertheless, feeding your 9-year-old kid isn’t actually a good idea.

Even though not a simple thing to do, parents must slowly keep themselves away from their children emotionally as well as physically. It calls for time, approval, and a lot of open-mindedness to carry out that. That robust connection b/w a parent and a kid more often than not let the former get ensnared into feeling that their children are the center of the world.

Whilst there is no harm in making your kid feel loved, however, overdoing it can bring about many behavioral issues. When you start to love your kid too much at the cost of your other kids & family members, then something has to be carried out. Focusing all your attention on one child can impact your kid’s emotional development.

You can deal with attention addicted child if you have read this article carefully. The 5 points mentioned above can help you a lot.

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