Digital Library Software: 13 Key Benefits of Digitizing Libraries

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This article throws light on the digital library. Further, it talks about the key benefits of digitizing libraries.

In the present time of COVID19, people do not like to visit public places such as a physical library. Further, for the security of their loved ones, people are disregarding paper printed publications.

Is Digital Library Software Difficult to Use

However, everything has digitized, with the help of digital library software a physical library can also be digitized. The process might look hasslesome and time consuming for some, but in actual it is plain, simple, and fast.

Anyone can use the software program to its full capacity without having to know any programming knowledge.

Not to mention, the creation of paper printed books call for a lot of expenditure which involves costing of the postage of books, the printing of books, the binding of books, chemical preservatives, and more.

  • Nevertheless, there is a solution. Since all of this paper material and more can be digitized, why would we want these products to put in a physical library?
  • Does the concept of paper printed materials make any sense any longer?
  • Will constant pressure on businesses and library owners to lessen expenditure transform the way we think about and utilize libraries?
  • Are libraries, such as the US post office, leftovers of the bygone time period that are required to be entirely re-evaluated and modernized?
  • Could we have a fraction of this expenditure to purchase digital library software?

I reckon libraries would have to change themselves in order to remain resourceful and cost-effective. Probably they would have a few hundred workstations with computers for individuals, although wireless reading devices such as iPad and Kindle having web connectivity is very affordable for all people of today, at least for the developed countries. Nearly everyone owns it in a developed nation.

Hopefully soon in third world countries, everyone would have it as well. A lot of the major librarians have turned themselves into digital. They provide great support as well for the readers. Readers can get in touch with the library staff with a click of a button.

In the future, it is possible that there would be no physical libraries. Traditional paper-printed books, maps, and other old school publications and media would no longer exist.

Libraries must transform themselves now to become more practical. They should be available on the web.

Some of the key advantages of making libraries digital using digital library software are mentioned below:

1. Unlimited Storage

It is very easy to store and manage a large of books on the web. You don’t have to think about the space. A lot of software providers also provide cloud space. On the other hand, storing traditional paper printed books would become a mess easily.

2. No Physical Boundary

Unlike physical libraries, people do not have to drive to visit an online library. There are no physical boundary restrictions with an online library. People across the globe can visit an online library providing they have access.

3. 24 x 7 x 365 Availability

Digital libraries are available for their users around the clock. More often than not, there are opening hours of physical libraries; however, there is no such thing with digital libraries. A user only needs the internet and a ready device and he can access the digital library 24x7x365.

4. Digital Publications are Indestructible

Unlike paper-printed books, digital books are indestructible. A digital book can be preserved for eternity. Further, digital books do not call for any usage of chemicals for preservation.

5. User-Friendly Platform

Managing a digital library with the help of a digital library software program is user friendly. It is easy to use for both users and library managers.

6. Digital Publications are Downloadable & Printable

A high-quality digital library software program provides the option to download print-ready publications. This can be done easy and fast.

7. Printing Cost

One single copy of a publication is enough for unlimited users. As a result, a big part of expenditure can be saved which is otherwise used in printing.

8. Customization

A few software providers can help you create a digital repository (library) on their cloud space. You can customize your library as per your preference. You can fill colors and modify the theme according to your brand. You can further add the logo of your company.

This ensures quality traffic keep coming to your website as people visiting the vendor’s site can find your library as well.

9. Compatible with all devices

Your digital publications can be accessed with all digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. Further, it can be accessed with all operating systems such as Android, iOS, and more. Users can also use any browser to open their digital publications.

10. Amazing user experience

With the help of digital library software, you can easily manage your library. Further, users can navigate and search your digital publications without any hassles.

11. Advanced analytics

A quality digital library software program can provide you with advanced analytics. You can find all significant and relevant data associated with user engagement such as number of page views, number of downloads, number of request for information, number of page visits, and more.

You can keep track of information such as which user has opened which publication and how much time he stayed on the publication. This data can really help the library owner to improve things.

12. Integration business applications

 With the help of high-quality digital library software program, you can integrate business applications such as Google Analytics integration, MailChimp, etc. The functionality of integrating business applications into your digital publications can actually help to improve your business.

13. Integrate chatbots

A quality digital library software program provider can help you integrate chatbot functionality. It can no doubt improve user experience and can provide you with more leads and business.

All the above 13 pointers are enough to convince anyone to go for digitizing libraries using a digital library software program. If you are still not convinced, you can read more about digital libraries and digital library software programs on the internet.

 Some library software providers on the web are also giving a free trial.

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