HIIT Full Form & HIIT Exercise Benefits

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This article talks about the HIIT full form i.e; High Intensity Interval Training and benefits linked with HIIT exercise. Let’s get started.

HIIT full form

One of the most recent trending terms in health and fitness is HIIT. HIIT full form is High Intensity Interval Training. It is commonly believed that this form of exercise can burn more calories in comparison with other aerobic exercises.

Full form of hiit

Nevertheless, the concept of interval training is not new in the arena of sports and fitness. HIIT has lately become a common exercise for body conditioning & weight loss. Continue reading to read everything about HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

To completely comprehend the various advantages of HIIT, it is crucial to foremost know some fundamental physics & the concept of power. In general terms, power is a measure of the capability to carry out work per unit of time.

Work is described as the amount of force needed to move an object from point A to point B. So, Power is force multiply by distance upon time. If you can remember velocity is distance upon time, then it’s simple to understand that power is in reality a measure of how quickly you produce force.

Clearly from the aforementioned explanation, it should be obvious that the amount of energy needed to carry out an activity directly counts on the power needed to do so. Hence if we now apply this thing particularly to human exercise, we see that muscles utilize chemical energy generated from the food we consume to produce power.

Think about the muscle power needed to walk 4 miles per hour and that needed to run at 12 miles per hour.

The muscle power needed in each example greatly counts on the speed because the force i.e. bodyweight being moved changes a bit and basically remains stationary (guessing enough hydration). It is viable nevertheless to control power output by other variables except speed by controlling the amount of force (putting on a weighted vest) or enhancing the movement resistance such as running up hills.

What Is HIIT

HIIT includes doing sessions of high intensity workout such as running for about 2-4 min. which should be separated by doing sessions of low intensity workout like in this case walking for about the same duration of time as running.

There are no set rules with HIIT

There are no fixed rules and regulations for HIIT except explained above; hence, in this write up we will not talk about any strict HIIT workout program. The main objective of this form of exercise is to manipulate intensity in order to boost power output and hasten weight loss.

It is recommended not to go hard on your body if you are a beginner in HIIT. Slowly progress in order to get max results without hurting your body.

With more and more practice, you will become fitter. You can aim for a higher intensity workout while lessening the recovery period. If you are running on a treadmill, it is best to choose the uphill movement as it involves higher intensity. Further, you can manipulate the speed and incline. You can experiment with things counting on the level of your fitness. You can aim for 15-20 minutes of workout duration.

HIIT for quicker weight loss

HIIT is designed to render quicker and better results as compared to conventional long duration aerobic exercise such as walking and running. Walking calls for a comparatively low power output & on the other hand running just can’t be continued for a long duration.

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The amazing advantage of HIIT is that the low intensity walking sessions separate the high intensity sessions for much better output & calorie burn, offering a great workout.

Counting on the bout intensity, it might be probable to burn the same amount of calories in a session of HIIT like a walking or running session a lot of times longer in duration.

HIIT assists overcome the muscle wasting effects connected to continual low intensity exercise for instance walking and running. Hence, HIIT assists spare resourceful lean muscle mass i.e. an important determinant of your resting metabolic rate. To put it simply, a greater muscle mass would lead you to use more energy even when you are resting. If you want a technical term for this, it is called protein sloughing due to long duration of high cortisol levels. Cortisol is basically a stress hormone.

Nevertheless, cortisol is important for an individual to react to stressful stimuli. But, the downside of this hormone is that it is responsible for muscle-wasting effect.

Whilst a few personal trainers and fitness experts might say that the elevated exercise intensity (stress) of HIIT brings about a higher increase in cortisol, the crucial thing to keep in mind is that the time period that the cortisol levels elevated is drastically shorter as compared to extended lower intensity aerobic workout.

Do not forget although HIIT is a high intensity form of workout, depending greatly on the metabolism of carb, weight loss is contingent on energy balance. In simple terms, if on an everyday basis you eat less energy than you spend, you would lose weight irrespective of the main fuel source of your workout session. An HIIT bout that lessens your carb stores just implies that more calories from consequent meals would be aimed at refilling glycogen stores, and less would be aimed at fat storage.

It is just after glycogen stores have been refilled that surplus calories could be aimed at the production & storage of fat. Further, caloric spending continues for numerous hours after a high intensity workout session, because energy is needed in the recovery.

In a nutshell, this write-up has discussed the advantages connected to the HIIT exercise for weight loss. Other advantages for instance quicker fitness improvements & boosting immunity connected to HIIT have not been discussed in this write-up.

Explicitly if the aim is to lose weight quickly and increase metabolism by sparing muscle, then HIIT is the perfect form of workout. In the present time, HIIT is getting popular and people from around the world are embracing it.

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