11+ Website to Watch Cartoon Online Free in HD ๐Ÿ˜Ž (2021)

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When we talk about watch cartoon online free, there are a plethora of sites offering this service. Although some are entirely free to use, some demand payment.

Cartoons pervade our lives in almost every way. They have fun for both adults and children. Even if you say you are an adult, a part of you still enjoys watching animated films, correct?

After all, discovering any great free websites to watch cartoons online in HD can be a difficult task. To assist you in your quest for the best free places to watch cartoons online, I’ve collected an 11+ list of free online services that provide animation streaming in high definition.

11+ Websites to Watch Cartoon Online Free in HD

1. YouTube Cartoon

Sign Up:- No Need/Better sign up for better performance

Cost:- Totally free

YouTube Cartoon

YouTube is an entertainment hub for all kinds of people. You can also watch cartoons on YouTube! YouTube is a huge website with a big library of cartoons, making it one of the best free websites to stream cartoons.

YouTube is a huge website with a big library of cartoons, making it one of the best free websites to stream cartoons online. As we know it will sometimes show ads but this is the best place to stream animation online in HD with safety.

Over 30 million users watch YouTube daily and a video library of YouTube is over 5 billion. You can find any kind of cartoon video on YouTube simply by typing the title or category into the search bar then you get the result. The example you can see in the image.

2. Cartoon ito

Sign Up:- No Need

Cost:- Totally free

Cartoon ito

Are you looking for a website where your beloved child will spend his or her time productively? It’s here! Cartoonito is the best website to watch animation online for children.

It features videos that are enjoyable, engaging, and fun for pre-school children. Watching cartoons are simple with Cartoonito. Just visit the website click on a video card that appears on the website. then start streaming.

You can also find with search box just search the name of a cartoon that you want to watch then hit enter or click on the button. It will give you result according to your search.

In Cartoonito, you’ll find a variety of other forms of entertainment, including sports, songs, activities, and events. I give a 100% percent guarantee your child will love this website.

3. SuperCartoons

Sign Up:- No Need

Cost:- Totally free


SuperCartoons is an easy-to-use website. There, you can watch about 1,000 classic or old cartoons for free online at any time.

In SuperCartoon, you will find animated Disney, Looney Tunes, and a variety of other cartoons.

This site has clear navigation to find cartoons. But in additionally you can search Mickey Mouse, Speedy Gonzales, Tom and Jerry, Goofy, Tweety, Porky Pig, and more to find your favorite cartoon.

4. Anime Toon

Sign Up:- No Need

Cost:- Totally free

Anime Toon

It’s another excellent place for watching fun and hilarious cartoons online. There are over a hundred cartoon shows in the database for you to choose from.

They have a hundred collections of cartoons. They categorize cartoons in a very smart way like action, adventure, horror, comedy Crime. and more. With this categories system, you can easily navigate the website and find cartoons as per your choice.

They also offer to watch movies on their site.

5. Anime Planet

Sign Up:- Yes

Cost:- Totally free

Anime Planet

Anime Planet is one of the world’s largest anime websites. Cool thing about this website, it operates by a single admin with a small team.

Here you will find very famous anime character manga. To finding cartoons is very easy just follow the navigation bar or search your favorite cartoon in search box.

For streaming, you no need to pay any $ but you have to sign up on their website to watch.

Anime Planet doesn’t ask for any subscription or payment but due to the small team, they mentioned for donation.

6. Amazon Prime

Sign Up:- Yes

Cost:- One-month free trial / 6 month trial for students.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has a variety of regional-based, movies and music including free streaming, and paid subscriptions. With Prime Membership you will get fast delivery services from Amazon.

Amazon prime provides 30 days free trial of prime. It will unlock thousands of cartoons, web series, and latest movies. After that, you have to pay for a subscription according to their plan.

If you are a student you can get amazon prime free for 6 month. The condition is you have to sign up with a student email id or give a school id.

You can find cartoons in two ways in amazon prime 1st type in the search box and 2nd navigate the website header or menu. 

7. Cartoon Network

Sign Up:- No Need

Cost:- Totally free

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is a place where you can watch your favorite cartoons for free and play free online games.

Play video games online featuring characters from Cartoon Network shows such as Ben 10, Adventure Time, Apple and Onion, Gumball, and The Powerpuff Girls.

Additionally, you can stream the most current episodes of your favorite series, or movie.

Cartoon Network has the world’s most famous cartoon library, you will find all cartoons on the website that they play on their tv channel.

Cartoon Network brings you the best classic movies, both full-length and narrow. It allows you to play fun games with your favorite characters.

8. Disney Junior

Sign Up:- No Need

Cost:- Totally free

Disney Junior

The Disney network is known for creating modern cartoons. On this website, you’ll discover a variety of awesome animation like

You can watch any of your favorite cartoons of Disney for free. To find cartoons just search or navigate the website as well I write on other websites.

Based on the fact that the Disney Junior website is blocked in some countries, such as India then for watching from this website you have to use a VPN service

9. Nickelodeon

Sign Up:- No Need

Cost:- Totally free


Nickelodeon is a household name in the animation industry. We are all familiar with cartoon characters such as Oggy and the Crokroges, Motu Patlu, and Shiva.

But they are streamed live! With classic Nickelodeon titles such as The Avatar, SpongeBob SquarePants, and The Fairy Godparents, Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, both old and new Nickelodeon fans will find themselves watching content every day on Nick.

You can also play games online on the website.

We can watch all of the Nickelodeon TV show cartoons online through its official website.

10. Fox

Sign Up:- Required

Cost:- Totally free


Fox is a highly entertaining website where you can stream cartoons online for free in HD with a high-speed server.

It is home to many famous animated television shows, including Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, and The Simpsons.

Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, or The Simpsons show are very famous. To access their content you have to log in with a cable company provider.

11. Go GO Anime

Sign Up:- No Need

Cost:- Totally free

Go GO Anime

GO GO Anime is another excellent place for streaming anime for free. The site’s architecture is stunning and very straightforward.

On the home page, you’ll find newly released anime series as well as common updates.

Consider watching them if you like! Would you like to discover a cartoon that tickles your interest? To find cartoons on this website you just checklist of anime on the website.

Additionally, you can use the search function.


Now, you got a list of 11 online cartoon streaming websites. You can choose any one site to watch cartoons online.
Enjoy the cartoons on any of the websites listed above. Please comment,ย ย which one is your favorite for watching cartoonsย online.

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